Versailles Two Story Window Set *Updated* 6/11/12

Hi everyone, i'm here with my latest creation, My "Versailles Two Story Window Set" This is yet another conversion from TS2, With permission from my friend TheJim07 i have converted his Versailles window's (Originally found here ) From TS2 to TS3. 

These windows look great in any palace, chateau, castle or manor you wish to build. 

They are inspired of the windows at Versailles in Galerie des Glaces or in English hall or mirrors, though they will look great in any room not just in ballrooms.     
Here are some pictures:

Update 6/11/12  Hi everyone! So i guess my windows didn't work previously when placed on diagonal walls, i have updated them now, but sadly even though they can now be placed on diagonal walls there is an issue it seems that there are holes popping through the wall (this only occurs when placed diagonally) due to a issue with the sims 3 pets and the patch that came after it all walls masks where affected, thus my windows have been affected also. With this update though i have improved the windows in 3 ways: 
1. The previous secular on my windows caused my mesh to be very shiny in-game this has been fixed. 

2. I also forgot to make a wall shadow, as you can see here i have now added one which makes them seem just a bit more realistic 

3. The 3rd top piece to the set was a bit short in width by just the slightest degree, i have now updated it to fit the bottom piece exactly.  

End of Update

Addition info 
NamePriceIn-game locationPolly CountChannels
Top Piece 1$475Buy-mode > windows1445 Faces2
Top Piece 2$475Buy-mode > windows653 Faces2
Bottom Piece$475Buy-mode > windows1017 Faces2

Requirements: The Sims 3 Base-game.

The .zip file in the download has the files in .sims3pack and .package format. 

Enjoy and happy simming! 


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