Historical Living Set For TS4


Today I have a very special set for all of you: "Historical Living Set For TS4." This set consists of 21 items in all, which includes my first ever CAS items, here's some pictures:

This set includes:

17 Build mode objects

Rococo Couch - 44 swatches (WARNING HIGH POLLY)

Rococo Love Seat - 44 swatches (WARNING HIGH POLLY)

Rococo Side Table - 20 swatches

Rococo Small Console - 20 swatches

Rococo Large Console - 20 swatches

Rococo Frame - 8 swatches
Canvas To Match Rococo Frame With Various Old Master Paintings - 40 swatches

Wide Rococo Frame - 8 swatches

Wide Canvas To Match Rococo Frame With Various Old Master Paintings - 40 swatches

Ceiling Murals:

I have made ceiling murals before but these are different as they don't restricting building above them as they are flat, thus it gives you more versatility when building!

I have made 8 different sizes/dimensions

 Mural & Fresco Ceilings Square & Flat 

5x6 - 26 swatches
5x7 - 26 swatches
6x6 - 23 swatches
6x7 - 26 swatches
6x9 - 23 swatches
8x8 - 23 swatches
8x12 - 23 swatches
9x9 - 23 swatches


Murals are invisable from above, use footprint for placement!


Rococo Dress - 17 swatches - Teen, Adult, Elder

Rococo shoes - 25 swatches - Teen, Adult, Elder

Rococo feather (with pearls) - 20 swatches - Teen, Adult, Elder - Under "Hats" in CAS

Rococo hair - 57 swatches -Teen, Adult, Elder - Hat compatible

Additional info:

For the paintings.... this is just another reminder YOU NEED BOTH THE CANVAS AND FRAMES BB.Moveobjects On cheat required

The download file is MASSIVE, but you are getting A LOT of stuff


TS4 Basegame

This would not be possible without:

Acanthus Sims - going above and beyond in helping me with this CAS content, I really cannot stress enough how much help Acanthus gave me! Really YOU ONLY HAVE THIS CAS CONTENT BECAUSE OF THE HELP I GOT! I'm really not knowable with CAS content and Acanthus Sims helped me so much and was so patient, I have been working on these for YEARS and Acanthus Sims was king enough to help me make this a reality for you in a matter of weeks.
 ( Thank you personally again) also hair textures that were used were also by Acanthus Sims.

Even though I have been creating for years, I still have sooooo many questions and Jim is always helpful, kind and patient, so thank you for helping me along the way with this.

Giving me permission to Convert and make edits to their meshes that they originally converted from the game DMC5



Please feel free to make recolors of the CAS content I'm sure some of you can do some amazing things with these :)

Happy Simming!

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