Tuesday, March 18, 2014

18th Century Upright Rococo Paintings Set 1


Hello my fellow simmers! Today i bring you my "18th Century Upright Rococo Paintings Set 1".

I hope you will love them as much as i do! They look quite lovely in game have a look!

Additional info:

This set consists of 20 variations of 18th century rococo paints.

It has 1 recolor-able channel.

They require nothing but the sims 3 basegame to work.

In the download file i have included both .sims3pack & package format for whichever you prefer to use. 

Enjoy & Happy Simming!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Portrait Size Enlightenment Paintings Set 1


Today i present my "Portrait Size Enlightenment Paintings Set 1"

This is a collection of  20 18th century paintings, perfect for any room your trying to make elegant.

I just loved how they turned out, here are some pictures: 

Additional info:

This is a new mesh by me, & has a fairly low poly count.

Textures by me.

Can be found with the other paintings in buy-mode.

Download info:

The .zip file includes the .package & .sims3pack format for whichever you prefer.

Enjoy & happy simming!