Wednesday, July 9, 2014

17th Century Painting Mega set 1


So happy to release this set as we have been in need of Baroque paintings badly! Today i bring you my "17th Century Painting Mega set 1" this set contains 16 different painting meshes.

Here are some pictures below:

Additional Info:

All of the frames are rather low poly, being textures were used to add detail.

The set includes 16 different painting meshes, with 20 variations of paintings. 

All painting frames on all 16 meshes can be re-colored.

They require nothing but The Sims 3 Base game.

In the download file i have included only .package format as i wanted to keep the .zip download file small, if you wish to have it in .sims3pack you may download this tool.

Enjoy & Happy Simming!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Royal Versailles Wall Panels Set For TS3


Today i bring you another two story wall set!!! 

But this one is inspired of Versailles, it is a conversion of a wall set originally made  by Casa sims for TS2. But now it is fully recolor-able! Can't wait to see what wonderful buildings you guys make with it!

Have a look below:

Additional Info:

The set contains a total of 6 walls. All of which can be recolored with any pattern.

They can be found under build-mode>wall-coverings>paneling.

They require nothing but the sims 3 base-game.

In the download file i have included both .package format and .sims3pack

Enjoy & Happy Simming!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Fontainebleau Wall Panel set for TS3


I have a new release for everyone today! It is a conversion from TS2 & its a beautiful wall set, original texture credit goes to Tatiana Dokuchic over at MTS.

I just loved these walls so much! They work really nice in a Renaissance or Baroque style building have a look!

Additional info:

So being these walls were so intricate & beautiful i couldn't find myself to make them recolor-able, sorry, it would have been far to much work & probably removed some of the beauty from them.

There is a total of 6 wall panels in the set.

Requires nothing but The sims 3 Base-game.

In the download file i have included both .sims3pack & package format.

Happy simming & enjoy!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Russian Baroque Facade set for TS3

Hello everyone!

So today i bring you my "Russian Baroque Facade set for TS3", this is a conversion & credit for original textures goes to charlen at MTS.

The reason i made this set (or converted it) is as you all know i just love anything Baroque, or Rococo, & in particular i have become fascinated with Russian baroque architecture lately which even though its called "Russian Baroque" its really the Russian Rococo (in some cases). I have just always loved the Winter palace & Catherine's Palace, they are just perfect examples of true Rococo/Baroque architecture in the Russian style, and we didn't really have anything in-game to replicated the detailed facades, but now we do!

Here are some pictures:

Additional Info:

There are 8 walls in total, all can be fully recolored to fit your needs.

The walls are under Build-Mode>Wall-coverings>Wall-Sets.

The walls require nothing but The Sims 3 base-game to work.

In the download file i have included both .package format & .sims3pack.

Enjoy & Happy Simming!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Fontainebleau Chandelier Set for TS3

Hello everyone!

Today i bring you my latest (and long over due) "Fontainebleau Chandelier Set for TS3"

This chandelier was originally made by simnuts101 & with his personal permission i have converted it from TS2 to TS3.

Here are some pictures: 

Additional info:

The set contains the original mesh from TS2 as well as 2 modified smaller versions of it, a one story & a one story extra small, these are meant to be used in normal height rooms, the extra small to be used in places the sims will walk (so it doesn't look like sims will be bumping theirs heads into the light) & the normal which is only slightly longer is recommended to be used over dinning tables, but either way its up to you.

All 3 variants have 4 recolor-able channels, might i add the crystals (being texture) can also be recolored.

Polly count on all 3 is the same & is quite low at 2428, considering all the detail in the object of course, but still use sparingly. 

They require nothing but the sims 3 base game to work.

In the download file i have included both .sims3pack & package format.

Enjoy & happy simming!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

18th Century Upright Rococo Paintings Set 1


Hello my fellow simmers! Today i bring you my "18th Century Upright Rococo Paintings Set 1".

I hope you will love them as much as i do! They look quite lovely in game have a look!

Additional info:

This set consists of 20 variations of 18th century rococo paints.

It has 1 recolor-able channel.

They require nothing but the sims 3 basegame to work.

In the download file i have included both .sims3pack & package format for whichever you prefer to use. 

Enjoy & Happy Simming!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Portrait Size Enlightenment Paintings Set 1


Today i present my "Portrait Size Enlightenment Paintings Set 1"

This is a collection of  20 18th century paintings, perfect for any room your trying to make elegant.

I just loved how they turned out, here are some pictures: 

Additional info:

This is a new mesh by me, & has a fairly low poly count.

Textures by me.

Can be found with the other paintings in buy-mode.

Download info:

The .zip file includes the .package & .sims3pack format for whichever you prefer.

Enjoy & happy simming!

Monday, January 13, 2014

16th Century Painting Mega set 1

Hello Everyone! 

I'm finally back! Well for the most part, my absence has been due to my old PC used for creating CC died, but i was able to recover all my old projects & files YAY!!!!!

So i am here to present my "16th Century Painting Mega set 1"

It consists of 21 different meshes for painting frames, if you have been wanting to make a 16th century castle or palace & faced difficulty due to lack of paintings you will be alright now!

Here are some more pictures of the individual meshes, all painting frames in the pictures are included in the download! 

Additional info:

Some of the frames are meant for double story tall rooms, their very big!!!!!!!

There are a total of 21 different frames in all coming in various shapes & sizes. All are recolor-able.

ALL of the included painting frames are VERY LOW POLLY so don't worry about them slowing down your game!

They can all be found in Buy-mode>Decor>Wall-Hangings.

Requirements to use these are nothing but TS3 Base-game.

Download info:

The download file will only include the .package format, i did this due to the fact i wanted to prevent extremely .zip file, if you insist on having it in .sims3pack format you may use this tool. The actual files themselves are not huge but are a bit big but this is because i wanted the paintings to show up as clear as possible for you & thus used larger overlays.

MISC info: 
You may notice this is called "set 1" i am working on additional sets from this era & other century's.

Enjoy & Happy simming