Russian Baroque Facade set for TS3

Hello everyone!

So today i bring you my "Russian Baroque Facade set for TS3", this is a conversion & credit for original textures goes to charlen at MTS.

The reason i made this set (or converted it) is as you all know i just love anything Baroque, or Rococo, & in particular i have become fascinated with Russian baroque architecture lately which even though its called "Russian Baroque" its really the Russian Rococo (in some cases). I have just always loved the Winter palace & Catherine's Palace, they are just perfect examples of true Rococo/Baroque architecture in the Russian style, and we didn't really have anything in-game to replicated the detailed facades, but now we do!

Here are some pictures:

Additional Info:

There are 8 walls in total, all can be fully recolored to fit your needs.

The walls are under Build-Mode>Wall-coverings>Wall-Sets.

The walls require nothing but The Sims 3 base-game to work.

In the download file i have included both .package format & .sims3pack.

Enjoy & Happy Simming!

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