Various 18th Century Paintings Set For TS4


Today I present to you a rather ambitious set I have been working on. I for one absolutely cannot play any of The Sims Franchise without old master paintings. I think they just add a certain ambiance to the look of a room. So I present to you the beginning of a rather large series of paintings I have planned. I decided to start off with the 18th Century as its my favorite era.

Here is some pictures:

So you might be wondering, how many paintings are there in total, well there exactly 158 unique paintings (I only repeated 2, since I just found them to be lovely, so you could say there are 160).

There are also a total of 20 different frame textures, perhaps your thinking this is great and all, but that sounds like A LOT of annoying swatches.... however you are wrong....... Being TS4 has this annoying swatch issue I decided to find a solution...... By separating the painting canvas from the frame.... Let's do some math to see why this makes sense.

There are 4 Frames... 2 wide, 1 small, 1 large.... 2 upright, 1 small, 1 large..... Each has 20 different frame textures, in addition to the frame there are 40 different paintings for each.... What's 20x40? It's 800..... So having it separated does two things, 1 smaller .package files, 2 less annoying swatches to skim through.

So to prevent that we have the frame as 1 object found under décor, and the canvas as an object also found under décor.

Use the "Moveobjects" cheat to place them together here are some images of how that works below:

Additional Info:

The in-game location will be under décor & paintings for both the frame & canvas.

I decided to make both a small and large version of the wide and upright, even though they are the same shape, when you scale them you will get different results with both, thus allowing more variety. 

You will need BOTH THE CANVAS & FRAME FOR EACH SIZE to make the painting work properly there are 8 .package files in total.


TS4 Base-Game


I also do plan on making paintings like this for other era's and even expanding on what I have for the 18th century, new mesh's are in the works.


The original mesh I edited to make these was actually originally made by Simnuts101 some of the frame textures are also his but many are new ones by me.



Blender & Milkshape 3D


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