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The Neoclassical Living Room For TS4

Hello Simmers,
Today I am releasing my latest set "The Neoclassical Living Room For TS4" I love late 18th century furniture and felt we needed more options in game, some images below:

This Set includes:
17 Buy mode objects & 1 wall set

TS4 Basegame
This set would not be possible without:

Acanthus Sims - Always being helpful, Teaching me how to use blender a little more. TheJim07 - Helping me figure out how to make flames on my candles, and the tallest curtain mesh, which was made by him for TS2.
Cashcraft - The candelabras were originally made by her for TS3, I had to make some edits to the mesh and new textures to make it compatible for TS4 but credits go to her for the assets I did use.
Youlartut- The Couch was originally converted by her from another game to TS2, after extensive edits I made the couch compatible for TS4 and the living chair from that mesh.

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