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Old Century Manor Painting Set for TS4

 Hello everyone, I'm excited to release to you my latest work "Old Century Manor Painting Set for TS4." Most of the paintings are from the baroque era, but I think there may be an odd 18th century or 1830's mixed in there on one of the frames. I really think to emulate those old manor and country houses you see in England or the castles in Europe you need paintings of various sizes and shapes, so I decided to make this! Some images below: This Set Includes: 6 painting frames in total: Old Century Manor Large Upright Painting - 16 swatches Old Century Manor Large Wide Painting - 12 swatches Old Century Manor Medium Square Upright Painting - 8 swatches Old Century Manor Medium Upright Painting - 20 swatches Old Century Manor Upright Painting - 25 swatches Old Century Manor Wide Painting - 10 swatches Requirements: TS4 Base-game Happy simming! Download

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