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"Let them be enthroned" Set for TS4

 Its time our royal sims have proper seating, we can't have them sit on just any old chair! My royal Subjects, look below for images of seats fit for a king or queen with matching canopies:  This Set Includes: 8 objects: 2 Thrones, 4 canopies, 2 curtains for canopies. Requirements: TS4 Basegame Additional info: bb.moveobjects is required to place the curtains in a building, this is a strange bug I couldn't figure out MASTER: you will see 3 .packages with MASTER at the beginning of their name, these are required for the other objects to appear in game. Credits: Wawa - The canopies and curtains, including the majority of the textures on them were originally made by him for TS2 Duke Nukem Forever - The mesh for the throne originally comes from that game, and was edited to make the version with the lower back Happy Simming! Download

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