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Louis XIII Sofa & Arm Chair For TS4


I present to you today a set of Louis XIII Sofa's & Arm Chair's with over 40 swatches! Perfect for a Baroque Castle or Chateau!

This set includes:
4 Objects:
Louis XIII Sofa Cushion - 40 swatches YOU NEED BOTH Louis XIII Sofa Frame - 3 swatches
Louis XIII Arm Chair Cushion - 40 swatches YOU NEED BOTH Louis XIII Chair Frame - 3 swatches
Additional info:
The Sofa & Chair "Cushions" and "Frames" were separated from each other to allow more freedom with swatches, thus it takes both the "Cushion" and "Frame" to make a complete object.
The "Frame" was created to intersect objects, so first place down the "Cushion" then the "Frame"
Louis XIII Sofa Cushion - In-game Location - Comfort - Loveseat YOU NEED BOTH

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