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Regency Living Set For TS4


After much work, I am excited to release to you my Regency living set, full of antiques and historical d├ęcor!

Additional info:
This set included 12 .package files
1 - floor
3 - different walls
3 - painting meshes  (note you need both the canvas and frame for smaller portraits to work) there are 5 different frames for the small painting, and 20 different paintings on the canvas, and on the large frame an additional 20 unique paintings
1- rug, 5 variations
1- mirror, 5 variations
1- couch, 20 variations
1- living room chair, 20 variations
1- end table
images of all the objects

TS4 Base-Game

None of this set would even exist without credits to the following creators
Cashcraft - for chair, table, couch
Simnuts101 - textures used in floor & walls and rug & large painting
Adele - Mirror Mesh
Fairy Forrest - Small painting textures


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