Mural & Fresco Ceilings Set For TS3 & TS4

Bonjour everyone,

It has been a very long time!

But what better way to start off the new year then with a release? Am i right? 

Back to this release.....

This one in particular  I am very proud of, I always felt we needed more opulent ceilings in TS3 & TS4, especially if building in a Rococo or baroque theme. So I took it upon myself with the help of TheJim07 to create these ceilings. 

Here are some pictures of it in TS3

And now some pictures of it in TS4

Additional Info:

There are two sizes to these murals 

In the future I plan on making more sizes and variations. 

In-game Location

There is a grand total of 33 different murals in this set! Both TS3 & TS4 versions share the same textures so no one if left out!

For TS3 Version only:

The TS3 mesh absolutely requires the invisable floor lamp I created to light the mural up, otherwise it will stay dark in the room you place it in, you can find it under "Floor Lamps": at a price of $0, its also recommended you use it in connection with the already invisable lights in game for best results.


TheJim07 I cant thank him enough for his help with suggestions and also the original mesh he made which I edited and used as a base to make this.

Sims4Studio TSR WorkShop without these tools it wouldn't have been possible! 


For both versions you only need The Sims 3/4 base-game


Miscellaneous Info:

You may see some objects or CC in the pictures above that is not released, and before you ask, yes I will be releasing all of it, I just need time to perfect it!

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Happy Simming!

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