Fontainebleau Chandelier Set for TS3

Hello everyone!

Today i bring you my latest (and long over due) "Fontainebleau Chandelier Set for TS3"

This chandelier was originally made by simnuts101 & with his personal permission i have converted it from TS2 to TS3.

Here are some pictures: 

Additional info:

The set contains the original mesh from TS2 as well as 2 modified smaller versions of it, a one story & a one story extra small, these are meant to be used in normal height rooms, the extra small to be used in places the sims will walk (so it doesn't look like sims will be bumping theirs heads into the light) & the normal which is only slightly longer is recommended to be used over dinning tables, but either way its up to you.

All 3 variants have 4 recolor-able channels, might i add the crystals (being texture) can also be recolored.

Polly count on all 3 is the same & is quite low at 2428, considering all the detail in the object of course, but still use sparingly. 

They require nothing but the sims 3 base game to work.

In the download file i have included both .sims3pack & package format.

Enjoy & happy simming!

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