16th Century Painting Mega set 1

Hello Everyone! 

I'm finally back! Well for the most part, my absence has been due to my old PC used for creating CC died, but i was able to recover all my old projects & files YAY!!!!!

So i am here to present my "16th Century Painting Mega set 1"

It consists of 21 different meshes for painting frames, if you have been wanting to make a 16th century castle or palace & faced difficulty due to lack of paintings you will be alright now!

Here are some more pictures of the individual meshes, all painting frames in the pictures are included in the download! 

Additional info:

Some of the frames are meant for double story tall rooms, their very big!!!!!!!

There are a total of 21 different frames in all coming in various shapes & sizes. All are recolor-able.

ALL of the included painting frames are VERY LOW POLLY so don't worry about them slowing down your game!

They can all be found in Buy-mode>Decor>Wall-Hangings.

Requirements to use these are nothing but TS3 Base-game.

Download info:

The download file will only include the .package format, i did this due to the fact i wanted to prevent extremely .zip file, if you insist on having it in .sims3pack format you may use this tool. The actual files themselves are not huge but are a bit big but this is because i wanted the paintings to show up as clear as possible for you & thus used larger overlays.

MISC info: 
You may notice this is called "set 1" i am working on additional sets from this era & other century's.

Enjoy & Happy simming

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