18th Century Oval & Round Painting Set 1 For TS3

Bonjour! Today i bring you my first addition's of my Round 18th Century Painting's Set, & Oval 18th Century Painting's Set. 

The Round 18th Century Painting's Set 1 consists of 10 paintings, the mesh was originally made my Luna at Luna-sims. It has 1 recolor-able channel. Mesh found here 

The Oval 18th Century Painting's Set consists of 20 paintings, the mesh was originally made by Astra, at Astra-Sims3, It was not recolor-able originally but i have fixed that and it now has  It has 1 recolor-able channel.  Mesh can be found here

Here are some images below: 


Addition Info 


Both Meshes only need TS3 base Game. 


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