Vaulted Ceiling Set *Updated 6/28/12*

With permission from the great TheJim07 i have successfully converted his vaulted ceiling set from The Sims 2 (found here [url][/url] ) To The Sims 3. 

The set consists of 6 pieces; they all can be found under Miscellaneous Decor or Statues. The Meshes Pieces 1 though 4 where originally made by TheJim07 for TS2, pieces 5 & 6 are an edit of two of his meshes.
UPDATE 6/28/12 So it came to my attention that after i made a Versailles window set, my vaulted ceiling could not be placed over it, it would often cut off the top of my window. This bothered me so i decided to fix that. The Ceiling has now been updated to be height shift-able weather you want to raise them to the ceiling or down to the ground its now possible As you can see in these images:


Another change i have made is previously you had to use cheats to place them, not that is no longer required! The no longer need a floor tile placed below them. I have also when updating these cloned a base-game object, so now with this updated version you only need the sims 3 base game to use these! I have attached the new updated files at the download part of this thread please delete the old files from your game and replace them with the new ones in the .zip file in the download link. END OF UPDATE

Below are some other pictures:

Additional Information:  

With this new updated version you only need the sims 3 base-game

NamePriceChannelsPolly CountDimensions
Piece 1$2503156 Vertices 224 Faces4x4
Piece 2$2503116 Vertices 148 Faces4x4
Piece 3$250398 Vertices 144 Faces4x4
Piece 4$25038 Vertices 4 Faces4x4
Piece 5$250356 Vertices 72 Faces1x2
Piece 6$25038 Vertices 6 Faces1x1


The download contains the objects in both .sims3pack and .package format. 

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