17th Century Baroque Paintings Set For TS3

Hello everyone! I recently made this set of 17th century paintings because i felt we seem to be lacking in in content from the Baroque period. I hope you will enjoy them, this consists of two sets actually "17th Century Baroque Paintings Set 1" is the square paintings and they require World Adventures to work, it was a new mesh by me there are 20 different paintings included. 

The other set in this download is "Oval 17th Century Paintings Set 1" This is the round or oval shaped paintings you see in the images below, the Oval paintings only require the sims 3 base game and there 18 different paintings included. 

Addition Info 
In total with both sets there is 38 paintings all dating from the 17th century.

Oval Paintings Requirements: Base Game.
Square Paintings Requirements: World Adventures.


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