Buckingham Furniture Set For TS4

 Hello everyone, 

After a lot of hard work I bring to you a set inspired by the furniture at Buckingham palace, here are some images below:

This set includes:

17 Build mode objects & 1 Floor with 3 swatches


TS4 Basegame

This would not be possible without:

Cashcraft - The majority of these meshes and textures were created by her for TS2, I had to fix some of the meshes and textures as there were issues, but really thanks to her amazing work this set is possible.

Simnuts - Both the French table, and Flowers and vase were originally by him for TS2, Once again I had to make some edits to the original meshes and textures as I found issues. But really credits goes to him for these beautiful meshes too.

Acanthus Sims - Always being helpful, I had a few issues and Acanthus Sims really helped me out.

TheJim07 - He always helps me, I had some questions about how to get the bed working, and he provided me with a very helpful how-to.

Happy Simming!


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