Gothic Arched Pillar Set For TS3

Hello everyone! 

Today i release a set that some of you have waited for with much anticipation, my Gothic Arched Pillar set. 

Perfect for your Medieval, Renaissance, and Elizabethan builds!

This set is a conversion, the meshes were originally made by Mio0331 at MTS and with his permission i have converted them to TS3.

Some preview pictures below:

Additional info: 
This is a 3 piece set, every pillar must be placed 3 Squares away from eachother to connect properly.

While from an aerial view the pillars are see through so as not to block the view of your sims 

The pillars have 3 Recolor-able channels.

They can all be found under Build-mode>Columns.

Each pillar is $325.

Polly count is close to what it was in TS2: 
Pillar 1: 1360
Pillar 2: 930
Pillar 3: 592 

Note: You must have the column size set to Size 2 for the pillars to appear correctly, or the pillars i cloned them from will show up instead

In the download i have included both .package and .sims3pack format

Enjoy and happy simming! 

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