Imperial Emperor Chandelier For TS3

Hello everyone! With that last poll i asked all of you what you wanted me to release next :) 

Well i lived up to my promise and released my Imperial Emperor Chandelier For TS3, yes this is infact another conversion, it was originally made by SimArchitect for TS2 and with his permission i have converted it to TS3, all credit goes to him for the mesh. 

It looks stunning in any grand rooms, especially ball-rooms, oh might i mention its 3 storys tall!!!!!

Below are some pictures

Additional info & Requirements:

You only need The TS3 Base-game for this to work in your game. 

It has 1 recolor-able channel.

It can be found under ceiling lights in buy mode. 

Warning and advisory  

This is an Extremely high poly mesh!!!!!! 

Being its 20526 poly use this sparingly, while its very beautiful chandelier and if to many are placed on your lot it may cause your game to run slow due to it being so detailed. 

MISC unrelated info

I have been very busy and don't have the time i used to for Sims, i'm still creating but updates will be less frequent but i promise to try and give you some of the projects i have been working on soon!!! 

Enjoy and happy Simming!

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