Wide Rectangular 18th Century Paintings Set 1

Hi everyone! 

So with my last 18th century painting set i released, you noticed all the meshes where upright. And i just felt that we needed some wide one's to go with it. 

This set contains two meshes, a huge two story wide painting, and a regular sized wide painting for a one story room. The two story mesh was originally made by simnuts aka sim picasso and has been converted by me with his permission from TS2 to TS3. The single story mesh is a edit of his original mesh.

Some pictures below 

Each frame has a total of 20 different paintings on it. 

Keep in mind when making such large meshes, the textures have to be very large as well, thus the files are a bit large, also its recommended you keep your game Texture settings to High!

Requirements are nothing but the TS3 base-game.

They can be found under Buy-mode>Decor>Wall-Hangings.

The .zip file contains both .package and .sims3pack.

Happy simming! 


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