18th Century Large Painting Set 1 For TS3


Today i am very happy to present a small taste of a extremely large set i am working on. I know many of you have been anticipating my upcoming painting meshes. Well here is some of them. These where originally made by SimNuts for TS2 and i have converted them to TS3. 

This set contains 5 different meshes. 

 1: Square Two Story Tall 18th Century Paintings Set 1, this is the largest mesh in the set, it is meant to be placed on two story walls. 

2: Rectangular Two Story Tall 18th Century Paintings Set 1, this is the second largest mesh and is also meant to be placed on two story walls.

3 & 4: Square One Story Tall Multi Story Height 18th Century Paintings Set 1 & Square One Story 18th Century Paintings Set 1 are basically the same mesh, the difference is the Multi Story Height one can be placed in between two story's.

5: Square Portrait Size 18th Century Paintings Set 1, This is the smallest painting in the set and is about the size of normal paintings.

I have tried to get the images as clear as possible while still having room for detailed frames, its recommended you keep your texture setting to high or the images on the paintings will look blurry!

Each mesh has 20 different paintings textures on them so i didn't get a chance to show all of them in the pictures.

They are all very low Polly count.

Additional Info:

They requirements are nothing but The Sims 3 Base Game.

They can all be found under Buy-mode>Decor>Wall Hangings.

This as mentioned earlier is part of a huge set, i will not only be doing 18th century art but also from previous era's and era's following the 18th century. There will be different meshes in different sizes and different textures for ultimate historical customization. Bear with me and you can have your own art gallery in time.

The chandeliers in the picture are by me, the very large one is a work in progress.

The .zip file contains both .package and .Sims3Pack format.

Happy Simming!

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