Two Story Crystal Chandelier For TS3

Hello Everyone! 

Today i bring you another conversion of another lovely chandelier. This mesh was made by SimArchitect originally for TS2. 

The chandelier looks great in any classical or elegant rooms, and adds that feeling of grandness to complete any palace or mansion.

Some in-game picture's below:

Additional info:

This chandelier as the title implies is two story's tall, thus i recommend placing it in a two story room at the 2nd level for it to work correctly. It will only light up the 2nd level so you will need to use other lighting for the 1st floor to be bright. 

Warning this is a high polly object use sparingly.

NamePriceIn-game locationRecolor-able ChannelsPolly Count
Two Story Crystal Chandelier$3500Buy Mode > Ceiling lights310433 faces

The Zip file contains the chandelier in both .package and .sims3pack format.

In-case you might be wondering about the wall paneling and paintings, those are creations of mine that i will release soon, they are part of a huge set i'm working on.

Happy Simming! 

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