Le Petit Trianon Wall Set For TS3

Bonjour Everyone! Today i bring you my "Le Petit Trianon Wall Set" For TS3. The walls in this set are inspired from that of the walls in the Le Petit Trianon in versailles. 

The Set Also includes some of the older wall murals i made but now they are recolor-able. 

Here are some pictures, click on them for a larger image:

Additional Information: 

Requirements: The Sims 3 Base-Game. 

There are a total of 39 different walls. All walls have 3 different recolor-able channels.

The Murals are $100 per wall slot and Can be found under Wall Sets. But the rest are $75 per wall slot can be found under Paneling. 

The Download file includes the walls in .package and also .Sims3Pack format.


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