Vaulted Ceiling Set For TS4

 Hello everyone,

Today I'm bringing to you a conversion of one of my favorite creations: "The Vaulted Ceiling set." This is a conversion of my Vaulted Ceiling Set for The Sims 3 

Here's some images below:

This Set Includes:

6 Buy mode objects for building your own vaulted ceilings

Also to be noted you can also "Build your own mural" with some of the swatches!


TS4 Basegame

Additional Info:

To be noted, there is one and only one VERY specific way to place these.

If you try and place these without a floor underneath them, they will have a gap and not line up (No idea why). So you have to either raise the height, or place them on the floor above the room and delete the floor. I have included a READ ME in the download that explains it a littler clearer.

Also, be sure to light these up by placing lights above them, it will take a little adjusting with lighting placement for everything to be equally lit.

They can be found under sculptures or ceiling decorations in-game.


The 4 of the original meshes and some textures that I used to make this (even for TS3) were made by TheJim07 originally for TS2, credit goes to him for the assets I used.

Happy simming! 


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