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Gothic Arched Pillar Set For TS4

 Hello everyone, Today I am very excited to bring to you my "Gothic Arched Pillar Set For TS4." This is a conversion of my " Gothic Arched Pillar Set For TS3 " with some new added additions. Some images below; This Set Includes: 12 objects, 4 center pieces, 4 wall pieces, & 4 corner pieces. Wall & Corner pieces have 100 Swatches, while the center pieces have 86 Swatches. There are 4 Versions, Two story, Single Story, and 2 Styles of pillarless pendant like vaults. The master mesh is the "Gothic Arched Pillar Piece 1" Make sure you have this .package for all the others to show up. Requirements: TS4 Base-game Credits: Mio0331 - The double Story meshes were originally made by him for TS2, Credit goes to him for that. Wawa  - The single story pillars and the two styles of pillarless pillars (pendant vaults) were made by Wawa, also all of the textures were made by wawa, Due to some mapping issues I had to edit ALL of them due to mapping issues and mak

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